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Bombas de Membrana de Aluminio BMA-180 - GoldSpray

Heater Product

Calentador Producto Pintura Acero Inoxidable - GoldSpray

Stainless Steel Heater Product 1.5Kw ECO

  • Referencia Descripción
    039.740.030 Calentador Producto Inox 60ºC max. 1.5Kw ECO
    039.740.029 Calentador Producto Inox 50ºC max. 1.4Kw ECO
    This equipment is designed to solve the problems caused by the low temperatures of the paint, providing the following advantages:

    - Significant reduction of the viscosity of the paint.

    - Better transparency in the finished.

    - Reducing pump pressure for the same volume and less overspray generated.

    - Reduced solvent consumption.

    - Reduced cleaning times.

  • The paint heater has the EEC certificate and can be used with all types of products because its interior is stainless steel
  • Material Circuito paso Producto: Acero Inoxidable
  • Voltaje: 230V
  • Potencia: 1.4Kw a 1.5 Kw
  • Seguridad: Certificado CEE
  • Un circuito para un producto o aire