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Insulated IBC jacket

Insulated IBC 1000 Liters jacket with openings - GoldSpray
Insulated "de Luxe" jacket CAL-IBC1000
With upper and lateral openings
Insulated IBC 1000 Liters jacket fully closed - GoldSpray
IBC 100 liters closed jacket
Insulated IBC 1000 Liters jacket with a side open - GoldSpray
Water repelent IBC insulating jacket- GoldSpray
Insulated IBC 1000 liters jacket
Water repellent treatment
Insulating IBC jacket with openings- GoldSpray
Insulated IBC jacket with openings
Closed insulating IBC jacket - GoldSpray
Closed insulating IBC jacket
Open insulating IBC jacket - GoldSpray
Open insulating IBC jacket
Waterproof cover for IBC - GoldSpray
Waterproof cover for IBC
Compatible with IBC 1000 liters standard - GoldSpray
Silicone heating base
Compatible with IBC 1000 liters standard

Insulating IBC 1000 liters jacket

  • Referencia Descripción
      CAL-IBC1000 Insulating "de Luxe" IBC 1000 liters cover
    With openings
      CAR-IBC1000 Insulating IBC 1000 liters jacket
    Water repelent treatment
      CA-IBC1000  Insulating IBC 1000 liters cover
      CI-IBC1000   Waterproof IBC 1000 liters insulation
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  • The IBC insulation jackets are designed to maintain the temperature inside an IBC intermediate bulk container.

    Both the design of the covers, as the jackets is designed to fit a standard container IBC 1000 liters capacity.

    It is recommended to use the insulating jackets along with a heated base for IBC to accelerate the heating process, reducing the time and energy needed so we can lower costs.

    The insulating jackets are made with first quality materials, can be waterproof, repellent to water ... depending on models.

    The insulation cover is a full-size cover, including the lid, and is equipped with Velcro pads, which makes it very easy to assemble or disassemble on the IBC container. In addition, there are velcro pads strategically placed to give access to the natural openings of IBC containers

    In the case of the insulating jacket the total perimeter of the IBC container is covered, leaving the top free and perfectly accessible.

  • Materials: various materials including Nylon, Teflon, fiberglass insulation ... (depending on models)
  • Measurements: the dimensions vary slightly according to the chosen model but, in all of them, it's adjusted to a standard IBC container of 1000 liters