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Fundas térmicas, mangueras calefactadas, calentadores bidon. - GoldSpray

Insulated jacket 200 liters barrel

Insulated jacket 200 liters barrel CAB - GoldSpray
Insulated jacket 200 liters barrel CAB
Chaqueta, Funda aislante barril 200 Litros plástico cerrada - GoldSpray
Closed insulated jacket CAB
Base calentadora para bidones de 200 litros - GoldSpray
Base drum heater

Insulated jacket 200 liters barrel - CAB

  • Ref. Size Power
    039.740.039 200 liter standar barrel passive jacket
  • High-quality insulation jacket for 200 liter plastic drums reduces heat losses in preheated drums.

    The insulation jacket is perfect to use along with the drum heater bases, reducing the time and energy required to reach and maintain the working temperature of the product.

  • Main features of CAB drums insulating jacket:
    • High insulating power
    • Easy access to the plug
    • Resistant to daily use
    • Lightweight and quick to install
    • Flame retardant outer treatment
  • Materials:

    Interior and exterior surface: polyester-based textile and flame retardant treatment, high strength.

    Capa aislante: aislamiento interior base fibra de vidrio de alta eficiencia térmica.

    Costuras: reforzadas de fibra de Poliester

    Abertura: Velcro rápido

  • It can carry a passive, optional lid to cover the top of the IBC minimizing the heat losses.