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Pistolas de pintar electrostáticas, equipos de pintura electrostaticos - GoldSpray

Electrostatic flocking machine

Electrostatic Flocking equipment with paint booth GLS

Flocking machine with paint booth

Flocking applicator

Optional flocking applicator

Flocking applicator

Optional flocking applicator

Flocking cups

Optional flocking cups

Flocking machine with paint booth

  • Flocking is apply textile fibers to a piece, for decoration and / or protection.

    Flocking fibers are monofilament, typically Naylon, rayon or polyester, of different colors and measures.

    The application of the fibers is done very easily and safely with only slightly shake the loaded applicator.

  • GLS1-ZR Flocking equipment is composed of:

    - An electrostatic high voltage generator

    - A flocking cabine

    With the paint booth for thie flocking equipment, you can customize pieces quickly, cleanly and with the best quality.

  • Reference Description
    077.570.xxx Flocking equipment with cabine
    077.570.100 Flocking generator
    077.570.xxx Flocking cabine
    077.570.xxx Optional flocking applicator
  • Voltage of power supply: 110-220V a 50/60Hz
  • Input power: 30W
  • Output voltage: 0-80kV
  • Maxumim output current: 150 µA
  • Voltage of solenoid valve: 12V DC
  • Flocking area: unlimited
  • Length of flock fiber: ≤3mm
  • Optional flocking applicator cups:

    1. Small 550ml aprox.
    2. Medium 1050ml aprox.
    3. Large 250oml aprox.
    4. Ask for other sizes