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Bombas de Membrana - GoldSpray

Diaphragm pump

Bomba de Membrana Eléctrica - GoldSpray

Electric diaphragm pump - Gold Electric 10202

  • Diaphragm pumps offer significant advantages over other types of pumps, such as the absence of mechanical seals and / or gaskets that are often responsible for the broken pump under tough working conditions. These pumps are self-priming, so it is not necessary to fill the fluid suction column to operate and can be used to aspirate liquid deposits initially have suction pipe full of air.

    Maintenance is fast and simple and easy to replace components, which makes this type of pump equipment with a very low operating cost.

    Diaphragm pumps are very versatile because depending on the working temperatures and fluid to aspire to some materials or other membranes are used. The most commonly used materials are neoprene, Viton, Teflon, polyurethane and other synthetic materials.

    Other features are the high resistance to corrosion and which are not to be primed to operate the equipment become a widely used in industry for moving almost any liquid in many industries (acids, paints, construction, solvents, ceramic industries, chemical industries, food, paints, inks ...).

  • Materiales: Acero inoxidable y Tungsteno (piezas en contacto con el producto)
  • Motor Voltaje: 230V a 50-60Hz - monofásico
  • Motor Opción: 380V a 50Hz - trifásico
  • Potencia: 3HP
  • Máx. rpm: 1.500 rpm
  • Aportación Máx.: 9,5 ltr/min
  • Aportación Máx. con boquilla: 7 ltr/min
  • Boquilla Máx.:

    1 Pistola: 0,046

    2 Pistolas: 0,023

    3 Pistolas: ---

  • Máx. Presión de Trabajo: 220 Bar (3.191 PSI)
  • Longitud máx. de manguera: 100 mt.
  • Elevación máx. en altura: 100 mt.
  • Peso: 65 Kilos
  • Medidas 50(L)cm x 60(W)cm x 60(H)cm
  • Viscosidad Máx. Aconsejada: 600 cps (167s copa Ford#4)