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Bombas de Membrana de Aluminio  DinoPower 6820 - GoldSpray

Diaphragm Pump

Bomba de Membrana Eléctrica con Calentador - GoldSpray

Industrial electric diaphragm pump 1100 with heater

  • The Airless method allows a coating with a high yield without the formation of fog. ("overspray").

    Thanks to a very high operating pressure, approximately 240 Atm, our machines can achieve a truly amazing rate of application.

    This model Airless pump adapts to different types of uses: from construction (exterior, interior, waterproofing) to the metalwork and industry. Items can be sprayed range from enamels antioxidant products, and washable tempera paints and quartz.

  • Voltaje Motor: 220V - 50Hz
  • Potencia: 1HP (750 W)
  • Motor: Inducción sin escobillas
  • Control de Presión: por regulador mecánico
  • Caudal: 2 l/min
  • Tamaño máx. de Boquilla: 0.019"
  • Longitud máx. de Manguera: 30 m (100ft)
  • Presión máx.: 227bar / 22.7 Mpa / 3300 psi
  • Viscosidad Producto: Media-Baja
  • Peso: 27 kg (sin calentador)
  • Medidas 48.5(L)cm x 48.5(W)cm x 63(H)cm